Kolida Gnss K6

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Kolida Gnss K6. "See better, work better!" K6 GNSS RTK, Live-view Stakeout powered by built-in camera and Augmented Reality technology

Kolida Gnss K6

Kolida Gnss K6

Stakeout More Intuitively

Combines real-time image display with RTK positioning, K6 captures real-time video through its built-in camera, and users can directly see the points to be setout on the collector screen, which is accurate and intuitive.…

Best-in-Class GNSS Positioning Engine

The integrated advanced 1598-channel GNSS technology helps K6 to collect signal from GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS, in particular the latest BeiDou III. It greatly improved the data quality and satellite signal capturing speed of GNSS surveying.…

Kolida Gnss K6
Kolida Gnss K6

Simpler and Easier, IMU Newly Upgraded

Many GNSS RTK systems require users to perform complex settings and calibration before doing inertial tilt measurement. 

After the latest program was applied to K6, users only need to walk a few steps to activate the inertial sensor. This improvement makes measurements simpler and faster.

Farlink Radio, Built-in Transmitter

K6 is equipped with a 2W farlink radio transceiver, in optimal condition the working range can be as far as 8km even more…

Kolida Gnss K6
Kolida Gnss K6

Compack Design Rugged & Durable

K6 is a full-funcition GNSS RTK that has Radio, Bluetooth, Wi-fi, NFC modules onboard, can work as base and rover, but the receiver size is really small, only 13x 13 x8 cm.

The built-in 6800mAh battery and Intellegent power management program allow K6 to work up to 12-15 hours (Rover mode and Static mode)…

Ultra Light, Comfortable Experience

The Total weight of K6 is only 0.8 kg including battery. The light-weight design reduces surveyor's fatigue, increase their mobility, is especiallyhelpful to work in challenging environment…

Kolida Gnss K6
Kolida Gnss K6

New app.   New Productivity

Windows CE data controller is too old technology? 

No problem. Simply use Ksurvey, Field Genius Android, SurvX App on your smart phone or tablet.

Enjoy the smooth operation of Android platform…

Post-processing Sw.   KGO

2023 version KOLIDA GEO Office integrates 

static data processing & Kinematic data adjustment

(Long baseline processing function is optional)…

Kolida Gnss K6