Stereoscope HPF-1

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Stereoscope HPF-1

The intrument is a bridge-type stereoscope. It is widely used in aerial photogrammetric survey and photo-interpretation.

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Magnification of model scale of the ground observed with this instrument relative to picture scale approx. 3x. The image is sharp,it is convenient for use and suitable for photo-interpretation. The instrument has a stereometer,then it may be used for measuring the horizotal parrallax comparison of the point on the ground to determine height difference and height


*Max. picture format: 300x300(mm)

*Magnification of viewing system with double microscope: 3x

*Magnification of viewing system without double microscope: 1x

*Diameter of the field of view with double microscope: Φ70mm

*Diameter of the field of view without double microscope:220x240mm

*Eye datum: 54-76mm

*Dimension: 270x340x700mm