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Kolida K1 Pro Trimble BD990 mainboard, 336 channels, GPS + Glonass+ Beidou+ Galileo, 4GB memory, Harxon 0.5/2W radio, 4G network module. With Star-Fill, Surveyors Continue to Work in No-signal Areas


2cm/ 60° Tilt Survey Technology.

336 Channels

All Constellation Signal Tracking.


Single Point Precise Positioning.

Innovations: 10 New Programs


The World Leading GNSS Engine

The Maxwell 7 GNSS engine inside K1 PRO provides an ultra-fast positioning speed, typically it starts tracking satellite signal within 5 seconds after turning on, coordinate can be acquired within 10 seconds. 336 channels  




Star-Fill, Save the Signal Loss


This new function will let you to continue working a few minuteswhen radio or mobile signal is becoming very poor or even lose inblind area.  The accuracy is down to 2cm.



Star-Link, Infinite Freedom


2cm accuracy Star-Link correction service is available! After subscribing to it, surveyors can work almost anywhere in the  orld without a base station or VRS network. Ideal solution for surveying and mapping, natural resource exploration in remote area. 

(The photo is a Kolida user who uses Star-Link to work in riginal forest in Sabah State, Malaysia, without base station and CORS network. Instrument model K5 infinity, photo time is late 2019)




10 Innovations to Increase Efficiency

More than 10 programs or functionswere re-designed to make your work flow simpler and smoother, letyou to work easier and comfortable, help you to get more reliableworking result.


More Durable and Rugged 

K1 PRO is fully sealed, has a IP 68 level proof. The built-in battery has 10,000 mAh capacity and can work 8 to 14 hours as RTK rover, with only one recharge.

External battery case SA6003 can add 13,600 mAh and provide extra a few working hours. (SA6003 is an optional accessory)




Work Safer and Easier

Thanks to the inertial measurement technology, K1 PRO allows user to do a tilt survey with a maximum tilt angle of 60° Centering is not a must, so surveyors can stay in safe position when they measure on motorway, and don't need to step into water .




Fast and accurate 

Not like tilt sensor, Inertial Measurement Unit is no more affected by the earth's magnetic field and requires no correction. It can be activated and start working within only few seconds, this fast positioning will increase measurement speed by over 30%. 

The combination algorithm of IMU + GNSS can get fixed solution faster and keep measurement results more stable, accuracy is down to 2cm.




Measure where others can't

Corner of wall? Points underneathpipe? Points occupied by car These targets are no more accessible..

K1 gnss kolida

Long Range Radio Link

SDL400 built-in radio can send signal as far as 7 km in urban area, 8 km in suburban. The maximum coverage is up to 200, suitable to have multiple rovers work simultaneously.





Barrier-Free Measurement

In difficult environment you may lost connection with base tation or VRS network. Don't be disappointed, you can choose from 3creative work modes to continue surveying without interruption.(Repeater/Router/ Mobile Refenrence Station)





SDL400 built-in radio features anti-interference capability, so K1 PRO can work close to power plant, transformer substation, mobile signal tower and other interference source.




Practical Functions

K1 PRO employs Linux system, it helps surveyors to accomplish their missions easier, faster and more accurate by delivering exceptional quality and innovative features.



New app.   New Productivity

Windows CE data controller is too old technology? 

No problem. Simply download SurvX App on your smart phone or tablet. Enjoy the smooth operation of Android platform !



Post-processing Sw.   Free of Charge

KOLIDA GEO Office integrates 

static data processing & Kinematic data adjustment