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Gnss Kolida K20 "smallest", compact body, integrating advanced technology, superior measurement performance in one, saving time and effort and leading the trend.

Start now, start your RTK "small" revolution and experience the hardcore, compact, powerful and flexible ultimate experience. New Gnss Kolida K20s IMU Equipped with K708 board, Upgrade to more fast and compatible 4G module Battery pole supports to work for a whole day. Super Linux platform, to achieve a breakthrough in functionality: built-in radio transceiver integration, breaking distance restrictions; dual battery power supply, extended battery life; smart storage, 4G Netcom, intelligent voice, network management and a series of functions, let the intelligence penetrate into the mapping Every detail.

Models:K20s, K20s Pro IMU

 692 channels GNSS Mainboard, All Constellations supported. Inertial measurement technology, OLED screen display


2cm/ 60° Tilt Survey Technology

  692 Channels

All Constellation Signal Tracking

8 km

Built-in UHF Radio

Dual Batteries

Hot-swappable & Extra Power Source


    Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU

More Advanced GNSS Engine


Featuring a powerful 440 channels GNSS mainboard inside, K20s can track and process all the existed satellite constellations. With the utility of BEIDOU (COMPASS) signal, the data acquisition speed and GNSS signal stability are greatly improved from old generation technology. (For advanced users who need to maximize the working speed and satellite signal tracking ability, a 555 channels GNSS mainboard is optional.) 


         Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU

10 Innovations to Increase Efficiency

More than 10 programs or functions were re-designed to make your work flow simpler and smoother, let you to work easier and comfortable, help you to get more reliable working result. 


Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU


More Durable and Rugged 


Kolida K20s is fully sealed, has a IP 68 level proof. 

The built-in battery has 10,000 mAh capacity and can work 8 to 14 hours as RTK rover, with only one recharge.

Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU


Work Safer and Easier

Thanks to the inertial measurement technology, K20s IMU allows user to do a tilt survey with a maximum tilt angle of 60 °. Centering is not a must, so surveyors can stay in safe position when they measure on motorway, and don't need to step into water.


Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU


Fast and accurate 


Not like tilt sensor, Inertial Measurement Unit is no more affected by the earth's magnetic field and requires no correction. It can be activated and start working within only few seconds, this fast positioning will increase measurement speed by over 30%. 


The combination algorithm of IMU + GNSS can get fixed solution faster and keep measurement results more stable, accuracy is down to 2cm.

Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU


Measure where others can't

Corner of wall? Points underneath pipe? Points occupied by car? These targets are no more accessible..


Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU


Long Range Radio Link


SDL400 built-in radio can send signal as far as 7 km in urban area, 8 km in suburban. The maximum coverage is up to 200, suitable to have multiple rovers work simultaneously.


Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU


Barrier Free Measurement

In difficult environment you may lost connection with base station or VRS network. Don't be disappointed, you can choose from 3 creative work modes to continue surveying without interruption. (Repeater/ Router/ Mobile Refenrence Station)


Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU




SDL400 built-in radio features anti-interference capability, so K1 can work close to power plant, transformer substation, mobile signal tower and other interference source.

Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU

Practical Functions


Kolida K20s and K20s IMU employs Linux system, it helps surveyors to accomplish their missions easier, faster and more accurate by delivering exceptional quality and innovative features.


Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU

New app.   

Windows CE data controller is too old technology? 

No problem. Simply download SurvX App on your smart phone or tablet.

Enjoy the smooth operation of Android platform !


Kolida Gnss K1, K1Pro, K20, K20s, IMU


KOLIDA GEO Office integrates 

static data processing & Kinematic data adjustment


Satellite Tracking Ability






MSS L-Band

Function preserved

Positioning Output Rate   1Hz-50Hz Initialization Time  <10s


Positioning Precision



Horizontal ±8mm + 1 ppmVertical      ±15mm + 1ppm

Network RTK

Horizontal ±8mm + 0.5ppmVertical      ±15mm+0.5ppm


±2cmVertical      ±5cm 

Static and Fast Static

Horizontal ±2.5mm + 0.5ppmVertical      ±5mm + 0.5ppm

RTK Initialization Time


User Interaction


Operation System


Screen Display

1 inch OLED



Voice Guide



Data Storage


8GB internal; up to 32GB external.

Web UI


Working Capability



Built-in emitting and receivingTypical working range 1-8km

Tilt Survey
Inertial Measurement
Electronic Bubble



>14 hours (static mode), >7 hours (internal UHF base mode), 8 to14 hours (rover mode)

OTG Function (Field Download)


Other Function

Mobile Reference Station, Repeater, Router