Kolida Gnss K83
Kolida Gnss K83

Kolida Gnss K83

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Kolida Gnss K83. SUPER RTK. Reference Station & RTK Two-in-One, Radio Repeater / Network Repeater

Kolida Gnss K83

1.Longer Distance:120km even more.

2.More freedom: working in mountain & forest.
3.Longer working hours; Lower power consumption.
4.Good working in hot weather: less heat; no attenuation.
5.Not regulated:  somewhere radio is prohibited; No restriction on internet.
6.Better accuracy:no packet loss.
7.Respond to emergency: radio is down, work continues…

•Reference Station could be moved according to working job requirement
•Doesn’t depend on Fixed Network and Fixed IP
•Rover can log in server without account & Password
•Use smart phone to setting up
•No need of dongle key to activate base
•Almost no need of Processing SW
•One base, unlimited rovers

1.Use SuperRTK as internet base station, use other brands GNSS receiver as network rover.

 No need of same radio frequency and protocol.

2. Use SuperRTK as internet base station, use S660/ 680P or handheld receiver or tablet receiver as network rover.

 Improves accuracy