Kolida Gnss K7

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Kolida Gnss K7, 3rd generation IMU. Network Rover, 1598 channels, New Radio Farlink Tech up more 15km working Range

Kolida Gnss K7 1598 GNSS channels, best-in-class signal tracking capability* GPS + GLONASS + BDS + GALILEO + QZSS* Centimeter level correction data through L-band* 1 watt Farlink radio, up to 10/15 km working range* Inertial Measurement up to 60° tilt angle down to 2cm accuracy* Dual battery hot-swappable, Up to 20 hours working

UP to 20 Hours

Working Endurance.

1598 Channels

All Constellation Signal Tracking.

AP to 15km

Built-in Radio Working Range.


Powered by BDS B2b.

Kolida Gnss K58 Plus

Craftsmanship and Quality,The Power To Be Your Best.

Quality Materials & State-Of-Art Features

Add them together,Multiply their power.

A brand new powerful UHF radio. An inertial measurement sensor so responsive and more accurate. The world’s leading GNSS chip. Exceptional durability. And a huge leap in battery life. K7, the power to be your best.

Kolida Gnss K58 Plus Cover

Top Cap and Seal Ring

Long service life,Enhanced signal reception.

The top cap of K7 is made of PBT + PC materials, which provides a good performance of fire prevention, anti-deformation. GNSS signal will be received evenly from all directions.

A silicone seal ring is placed overhead to extend the service life. It withstands high temperature, resists wear and corrosion. The diamond shape texture prevents the receiver from falling off on your hands.

Kolida Gps K58 Plus

Body work and Colorful Indicator Light

The extraordinary robustness you can rely on.

The robust bodywork is made of magnesium alloy AZ91D, which offers high strength, excellent heat dissipation. A metallic paint surface treatment has been applied to the lower part of K58plus, to prevent the receiver from scratching, collision, rustiness.

The four-color indicator lights of K58 plus offer high brightness, is easy to identify  in both day and night.

Kolida K58 Plus Gnss

Power System You Can Relay On

Safe-lock, Hot Swap,Up to 20 hours working.

The power consumption of K7 maybe is the least in its class. Two batteries can provide up to 20 hours working time when it runs as a rover. K7 also can be recharged by external power source via Type-C port. A reinforced battery compartment has been designed for K7, each compartment has a hinged seal door with rotary switch, totally prevent the "drop off".


The Only Thing That Changed Is Everything.

1598 channels.  

Capture satellites As many as possible

In a period of time, some GNSS satellites disappear from horizon and new satellites appear. Bigger number of satellites a GNSS receiver tracks at a time, better accuracy the GNSS can calculate. To quickly capture the new satellites that appear in the sky, GNSS receiver must reserve a big number of channels.

K58plus is capable to track signal from 5 satellite constellations (GPS, Glonass, Beidou, Galileo, QZSS), process signal of up to 16 frequencies. When compared to traditional GNSS RTK, K7's accuracy is higher, get fixed solution faster, the working performance in forest and city center is better.

Kolida Gnss FarLink

Farlink Radio.

Transmit mass dataSmall power consumption

When GNSS receiver is using signal of bigger number of satellites, the data amount to send and receive by UHF radio increased greatly. The traditional radio protocol is unable to meet the demand. Farlink technology is developed to send large number of data and avoid data loss.

Farlink technology improves the signal-catching sensitivity from -110db to -117db, so K58plus can catch the very weak signal from a base station far way

Kolida K58 Plus IMU

The 3rd generation IMU

Faster initializationMore accurate data output

KOLIDA’s 3rd generation Inertial Measurement Sensor “M8” is able to realize the real-time output of accurate tilt measurement data under high tilt angle and high dynamic attitude.

▪ 200 Hz high frequency calculation, faster initialization speed▪ Calibration free, immune to the effect of earth magnetic field▪ Coordinate double-check before output, result is more accurate▪ Tilt angle is up to 60°, accuracy is down to 2cm•

Kolida B2B

L-band Correction

Down to 4-10 cm Single Point Positionin.

 Thanks to the newly developed BDS correction service, K58plus is able to receive B2b signal via L-band, and perform a single point positioning precisely.

It is a great help to surveyors who work in particularly difficult areas. This service is available in 2022