Rotary Laser FRE 207
Rotary Laser FRE 207

Rotary Laser FRE 207

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Autolivellante, un'ampia gamma di livellamento, alta precisione, alta stabilità. Posizione verticale: emette un raggio orizzontale e un piombo, con punto rivolto in basso. Sia per interno che per esterno.

Adopt self-leveling (sensor leveling),wide leveling range, high accuracy,high stability Upright setting:Emit one Horizontal fan and a plumb line,with down dot. Both indoor and outdoor. Horizontal-setting:Emit a plumb fan and one horizontal line. Direction Scanning. Left right spinning. Slope setting, inclined plane scanning.
Leveling Accuracy Horizontal ±20″,V ±20″
Leveling Range ±5º
Measuring Range Diameter: 500m         (With laser detector)
Spinning Speed 60、120、300、600 r.p.m.
Direction scanning: 10°;45°;90°;180°°
Light Source Laser Diode       wavelength: 635nm
Laser Standard Class II
Remote Distance Approximately 40m indoor,15m outdoor
Working Temperature -20℃-- +50℃(-4ºF-- +122ºF)
Power supply DC 4.8-6V       (4 *AA NI-MH batteries)
Hours in continuous use Approximately 20 hours
Water-proof IP 64
Dimension 60(L)X 160(W)X 185(h)mm
Weight 3.5kg